The Galut Is Removed

When the galut (exile) is removed, then our exile will be over and our limitations in the arts will be removed. And we will have unbridled freedom. Our limitations and our inhibitions to all the expressions of self will be anathema.

We are a people that has been uprooted and scattered from our homeland. And the galut has subjected us to alien rule.

There are circumstances caused by the galut that have oppressed the human experience. And limited our creativity and expression of our higher purposes. While under suppressed conditions we yield lesser and shallower work individually and collectively.

When the galut is removed and we return to the mountain of YHWH in the fulness of the body, no longer exiled. With the galut removed and living in a truly holy land and being truly a holy people then we will experience the freedom to worship in the true temple. The heavenly temple that is beyond our human experience.

Then we will perform all the mitvots (commandments), without reservation. In the fullness of their experience.

We will observe the three annual festivals, Pesach (Passover), Shavuot (Pentecost), Sukkot (Tabernacles). We will joyfully make the pilgrimage to the Holy Temple “to see and to be seen by the face of Elohim” (G-d). The very place that He chose to make His-Self personally accessible to us. There we will experience the aspects of our relationship to El-Shaddai (G-d Almighty) embodied in the temple service.

When the galut is removed and the true Temple descends from Heaven and we are all gathered to the renewed Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) . The nations will be gather in at Sukkot. Yisrael (Israel) embodied at Yerushalayim, the venues that have been closed to us will be opened. These commands of Torah will not change or be added to or taken away from. For they are to remain forever. When the galut is removed the circumstances that prevent us from fulfilling these mitvots will not hinder us.

When we are in His house we must do all that He commands us. But when He tells us to get out of His house we must do all we can to seek His forgiveness and reestablish a good relationship, so to come close to Him again. We must resist the galut (exile). And be constantly knocking on the Door with a repentant heart, with hope that He will open up to us and take us back in.

Through prayer and supplication and even fasting we must sacrifice the animal instincts, our bullish ways, on the altar of our heart as His Holy Fire burns against us. That our undesirable way can be purged. And our sin removed permanently. As the prophet Hosea (Hoshea 14:1, 2, 4,) “O Yisrael, return to YHWH your Elohim, for you have stumbled by your crookedness.” (2) “Take away all crookedness, and accept what is good, and we render the bulls of our lips.” (4) “I shall heal their backsliding, I shall love them spontaneously, for My displeasure has turned away from him.”

As in the temple service we must show our self with physical action. For without works we do not show ourselves faithful. So destroy the idols of your heart. And if you have physical idols in your life, they too must go. The condition of the galut must be removed.

Though the environment of galut that we experience is not only spiritual, but it takes on physical manifestations. So we must resist with physical action. As commemoration of Simchat Beit HaShoeimah (Water-Drawing Festivities) on Sukkot in the Holy Temple was performed. Now we must draw from that Living Water from the well of Y'shua (Jesus). As this Holy Water is poured upon our heart, His presents is in us and good fruit is brought forth. (Hoshea 14:8) “What more has Ephrayim to do with Idols? It is I who answer and look after him. I am like a green cypress tree, your fruit comes from Me.”

We must pray always that we can over come this galut. That Y'shua will lift us up and deliver us from this diaspora and the spiritual alienation that suppresses us. So that we may come home. That the galut will be permanently removed from us. So we may freely receive the things that our Elohim (G-d) has prepared for us. As Isaiah said, (Yeshayahu 64:4) “Since the beginning of the ages they have not heard nor perceived by the ear, nor has the eye seen any Elohim besides You, who acts for those who wait for Him.” And as referred to in, (1 Corinthians 2:9) “But it is written, “Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, nor have entered into the heart of man what Elohim has prepared for those who love Him.””

Finally, the galut is removed.